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"Heavenly Father has given me agency, and I am accountable for my choices."

General instructions: The Church handbook for Primary states that Sharing Time should include music; about half of Sharing Time should be music. We have had success interpreting this to include music throughout the lesson, rather than separating the two. This way, lessons are reinforced through music. In the following lesson, the Primary presidency member and the music leader should work together to choose songs that reinforce the lesson topic. They may want to allow for more time to practice the song assigned for the month, emphasizing how the themes in the song apply to the lesson.

References: Ideas for this lesson came from the 2005 Sharing Time Outline and the Friend (February 2005).

Heavenly Father wants us to choose for ourselves (5 minutes).
  • Have a sheet of stickers, children choose one. Tell them they have just made a choice.
  • We make choices every day. Some choices are easy, some are hard.
  • What are some choices you’ve made today? (What clothes to wear, to come to church, what to eat.)
  • In heaven, before we were born, we made a very important choice.
    What was it? (We chose to follow Heavenly Father’s plan and accept Jesus Christ as our Savior.)
  • How do we know whom on Earth made this choice? (Everyone born on Earth made that choice. Those who didn’t choose to follow Jesus Christ did not get to come to Earth.)

Music (3 minutes): Reinforce the concept of choices by singing "Choose the Right Way" (page 12)

Making choices is an important part of our life on Earth (2 minutes).

  • Our right to choose is called agency or moral agency (not free agency)
  • Agency is part of Heavenly Father’s plan to return to Him.
  • Our right to choose was given to us in heaven.
  • The Atonement of Jesus Christ made agency possible.
  • As we use our agency to choose the right, we are following Jesus Christ and can return to live with Him and Heavenly Father.

Music (10 minutes): Reinforce that Heavenly Father helps us know how to choose the right and that when we pray, we can ask Heavenly Father to help us choose the right. Sing "A Child's Prayer" (page 12). (Note: Since "A Child's Prayer" was the song assigned for the month when this lesson was taught, a few extra minutes were provided for the children to learn this song.)

I am accountable for my choices (10 minutes).

Junior Primary

(5 minutes). Describe some choices. If it is something Jesus would have chosen, thumbs up. If not, thumbs down. Here are some ideas:

  • You choose to come to Primary.
  • You choose to sing in Primary when the music leader asks everyone to sing.
  • You choose to keep your eyes open during the prayer.
  • You choose to bring a friend to church.
  • You choose to whisper to your friend during the sacrament.
  • You choose to walk quietly to your classroom.
  • You choose to laugh when another child stumbles and falls.
  • You choose to disturb the other children by making noises.
  • You choose to help the teacher with the activity.
  • You choose to make fun of someone who answers a question wrong.
  • You choose to listen quietly when the teacher tells a story.

Music (5 minutes): The music leader should choose four or five songs that reflect the topic. These should be familiar songs, such as "Do As I'm Doing" or "I Am Like a Star". While singing the song, pass a beanbag to each child with help from teachers. When the music stops, children say or act out what he/she can do make correct choices.

Senior Primary

Singing and Sharing (10 minutes): Prepare papers in the shape of road signs (e.g. stop sign, yield sign, etc.). On each road sign, write a scripture reference (see examples below). The Primary presidency member and the music leader should choose two or three songs that reinforce the a few of the scriptures/principles. During Sharing Time, pass out the road signs and instruct the classes look up the references. Teachers should help children as needed to write on the paper the principle the scripture teaches us to obey. Post the "road signs" on the chalk board. As the road sign is posted, have the group think of a scenario or sing a pre-selected song using that principle.

  • Exodus 20:8 (Keep the Sabbath Day holy)
  • Matthew 19:18 (Thou shalt not: murder, commit adultery, steal, bear false witness)
  • 2 Nephi 32:9 (Pray always)
  • Mosiah 13:20 (Honor your parents)
  • 3 Nephi 12:34 (Don’t swear)
  • D&C 42:21 (Don’t lie)
  • D&C 42:27 (Speak no evil of neighbor)
  • D&C 51:9 (Deal honestly)
  • D&C 89:7–8 (Word of Wisdom)
  • D&C 119:4 (Tithing)

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