Saturday, November 15, 2008

Could I Hold the Baby?

Could I Hold the Baby?, written by Rachel Mecham Goates received an Award of Merit in the 1998 LDS Church Music Submission, Children's Song Category. Of course Rachel has a copywrite but has made the sheet music, a copy of which you can find here, available on the Internet for incidental, noncommercial home or church use. Because it has not been published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints you will have to get it approved by the appropriate leaders before teaching it in Primary.

Highlighted words means it’s a vital part in the story for teaching the song.

Presidency Member: (1 minute) Introduce story—ask all the children to get comfortable sitting in a circle on the floor for a Christmas story.

(1 minute) On Christmas Eve Aunt Liz and her husband Uncle Dave brought their new baby Carter to Sarah’s house for a little program and a special dinner. As soon as Sarah saw Aunt Liz bring in baby Carter she went right over and asked, “Could I hold the baby?”

“If you wash your hands first you can,” said Aunt Liz as she unlatched the straps on Carters baby carrier.

Sarah ran right over to the kitchen sink and washed her hands quickly before she ran back to the couch where Aunt Liz was sitting with Carter wrapped in a blanket. Uncle Dave told Sarah how to sit way back in the couch and propped some cushions under Sarah’s arms to make it easier for her to hold Carter. “Wrap your arms around the baby like this,” said Aunt Liz as she pulled Sarah’s arms around Carter.

Carter felt heavy but soft in Sarah’s arms. “Oh,” cooed Sarah, “He’s so tiny.” Sarah smiled down at the baby in her arms. “Will he smile at me?” Sarah wondered out loud.

Music Leader teaches the children measures 23-30 (1 minute)

Presidency Member: (continues with story—1 minute) “Sorry, honey,” Aunt Liz answered, “He’s too little to smile at people yet but every once in awhile Carter smiles in his sleep. I think he smiles because he’s dreaming about living with Heavenly Father before he came to earth.”

Sarah got to hold baby Carter for a few more minutes until it was time to start the Christmas program. Sarah’s part on the program was to tell the story of when Jesus Christ was born. Sarah held this picture (GAK 200) and told about the warm manger where the fair baby lay sleeping after he was born. She also told about the star that led the shepherds, and how Mary smiled at the little Christ child.

Music Leader teaches the children measures 12-21 and reviews (2 minutes)

Presidency Member: (continues with story 2 minutes) Sarah loved that story. She always felt a quiet peace when she thought about how excited the shepherds were to see baby Jesus. That quiet peaceful feeling was the Holy Ghost letting her know it was true.

After the program ended and they ate dinner Sarah’s mother told her it was time for bed. “I don’t want to go to bed yet,” complained Sarah.

“Go on, sweetheart, I’ll come tuck you in bed in a minute,” Sarah’s mom promised. Sarah ran off to get ready for bed.

“Is that too tight or is that snug and warm?” Sarah’s mom asked a few minutes later as she tucked Sarah in bed.

“Snug and warm,” Sarah told her.

“Hey, wait a minute,” Sarah’s mom stopped, “did you say your prayers?” she tapped her finger on Sarah’s nose.

“Yup,” Sarah nodded and yawned, “my prayers are said.”

“Good,” Sarah’s mom smiled. “Merry Christmas, sweet girl. Remember that Christmas toys are not as dear as girls and boys,” Sarah’s mom kissed Sarah’s forehead, “Love you. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Love you to,” Sarah called as Sarah’s mom turned out the light and shut the door. Sarah closed her eyes and snuggled deeper into her pillow. In her mind she could see the picture of the first Christmas night from her Christmas program story.

Music Leader teaches the children measures 4-12 and reviews (3 minutes)

Presidency Member: (continues with story 5 minutes) Then Sarah started to think about other stories of Jesus her parents and primary leaders told her.

(GAK 208) She thought about how Jesus was baptized even though he didn’t have any sins to wash away so he could obey Heavenly Father and set a good example for her.

(GAK 216) She thought about the story of how Jesus wanted to bless the little children even when he was tired—she was pretty sure he wasn’t even grumpy.

(GAK 214) Sarah thought about the story of the storm on the sea and how Jesus’ friends were scared so he stopped the storm and calmed the sea.

(GAK 221) Then the story about the ten lepers who were healed came to Sarah’s mind. Sarah was pretty sure she would’ve been like the one leper who turned back to thank Jesus for healing him.

(GAK 226) Sarah’s feet tingled when she thought about Jesus washing the feet of the disciples at the last super.

(GAK 230 & 233) Finally, Sarah thought just a little about Jesus dying—she knew he didn’t stay dead. Sarah felt a tingle on the outside of her arms when she thought about how Jesus was resurrected and that because he was resurrected she will be resurrected one day too. Sarah’s chest felt like it was full of love for Jesus and she couldn’t keep a smile from forming on her face.

“If I could hold the baby Jesus I would tell him of my love,” Sarah thought to herself. “I would tell Jesus Christ that I am glad he was sent from Heaven.”

Music Leader teaches the children measures 31-39 and reviews (4 minutes)

Presidency Member: (10 minutes) This would be a good time to tell children to go back to their seats if they are getting too antsy.

  • Ask the children where Sarah’s tingly feeling and that feeling that her chest was full of love came from. Point out that those feelings came from Heavenly Father through the Spirit.
  • Ask if Sarah can tell Jesus Christ how much she loves him. (We pray to Heavenly Father but Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ share everything so when you pray to Heavenly Father you can tell him how much you love Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ will know.)
  • Share a scripture about how trying to be like Christ and living as he showed us is another way we can show Jesus Christ how much we love him.
  • Ask the children to think of some things we can do to be like Christ or make up situations and ask the children what they would do to show Christ they love him. (if your short on time cut this part out—it could take up a lot of time all by itself)

Music Leader teaches the children second verse measures 4-12 (2 minutes)

Presidency Member: (3 minutes) Ask the children what they thought Sarah’s mom meant when she said, “remember that Christmas toys are not as dear as girls and boys.” After taking answers, assure the children that “Jesus Christ loves each one of us endlessly. He loves you and me.”

Music Leader teaches the children second verse measures 12-21 and reviews the whole song (5 minutes)