Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm Moving

I'm moving. We close in July so I won't be Primary Chorister in August. I'm not obligated to make up a lesson plan for August and there is a small possibility I won't be teaching the song in July either.

Yet, I enjoy making up these lesson plans. I might be able to squeeze six hours in somewhere to make up lesson plans for July and August and post them here before we move.

However, I only want to sacrifice the time and effort to do so if you will use it. Please leave a comment. Thanks.


Melissa said...

I just wanted to thank you, I always read through your ideas and figure out what will work best for our primary. I don't need lesson plans for those months, you will be very very busy I'm sure, but I wanted to tell you thanks! :) Good luck with the move.

J+S said...

You have such great ideas, and I'm sure they would be used. But I agree with the above, if you don't have time, don't feel obligated!

hollyctr said...

This site has been a great resource for me! I have very small children and both my husband and I are full time students. This site has helped me minimize the time I would have otherwise spend fruitlessly brainstorming so that I could instead focus on the children in our primary and how these messages could best teach them. Thank you for your time and energy!

Sally said...

Thank-you so much for your time and energy, that you've put in. I am new to this site (and still fairly green to primary music) I have enjoyed being able to access your site and find comfort in what you have prepared and presented for all of us, best of luck in your move, perhaps we may all be again blessed and you might get called back to primary one day.
thanks again for all your time, my kids still talk about the wiseman and foolish man visual aid for How firm a foundation, using a rock and sugar.

Susanne said...

Wow, you guys are so nice!! Thanks for your kind comments.

Um, I actually hadn't heard about a visual aid using rocks and sugar, Sally, but it sounded so good so I hunted it down. I found it here:

However, it seems to be an idea originally shared in the yahoo group primusic. I haven't checked in with that group in a long time. I'm missin' out!

Thanks for sharing, Sally. Maybe someone will use it when they review.

Elise and Lane said...

Yes!!!! Please do!

regina said...

thanks for everything... you are the best and i will miss ya bunches. i use your lessons and i am so grateful for all the work that you put into them.